Happy rock paper scissor cycling through red green and blue color space with a difference gradient advection to where all three components multiply to white.
You're almost looking at the raw texture. It's only gamma corrected in the #composite shader pass. The advance #warp shader samples from a Gaussian texture.
Drag and drop boxes and [A]dd, [M]ove, and [D]elete the B-Spline controls
Use the browser history to step in your curve edits, and bookmark or share urls with the <x,y> point list hash.
Forked from Trapstyle but started over with new simple fragment shaders and deactivated particle system.
This is an endorsement to make and edit a copy. No libraries, just Vanilla JS and a WebGL setup for a multipass shader pipeline.
Fluid Simulation by Evgeny Demidov.
Gaussian Blur by Matt DesLauriers.
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frames per second.